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Financial Femme Fatale and Money Mistress Linda TranMy name is Linda Tran and I am a natural-born dominant beauty, the quintessence of Female Supremacy. I am known the world over as a famous pinup model and centerfold, and I have had men from all walks of life fall under My hypnotic gaze and My alluring smile. I am the modern-day Siren, the Financial Femme Fatale and Foot Goddess of your dreams. I created this domain so that all the poor minions like you have a central place — My elite Queendom — to adore Me, worship Me, tribute Me.

I have always held a certain Goddess-given power over the male gender and realized this early in life. Beginning in grade school, I made all the little boys give Me their lunch money so that I could splurge on girlhood luxuries for Myself... new Barbie dolls, shiny patent Mary Janes, strawberry lip glosses.

Through the years, I became very spoiled and accustomed to the Good Life. I encountered many submissive males and thrived on taking control of their money and their minds. I believed every man had an obligation to fulfill My happiness, and they always did, whether they wanted to or not. This started Me on a lifelong mission to accumulate as many pets and slaves as possible along the way, demanding their loyal devotion, and allowing them the privileged opportunity to serve Me to My heart's content.

I have a huge appetite for life, and I fearlessly devour wallets. I am THE voracious vixen to the fullest extent! My lavish lifestyle of jetsetting around the world, awe-inspiring adventures, swanky dinners, fine wine, and material objects is fully funded by My harem of devoted slaves. I'm on an ever-exciting, entertaining, perpetual vacation, as I deserve to be!

I demand that My slaves sacrifice their own needs and desires in order to worship Me at the highest level they can afford. In return, you will receive the exquisite satisfaction of knowing you have financed the self-indulgent life of a Goddess far superior to you, and fulfilled MY needs and desires — the only ones that matter from this point on.

Financial Dominatrix and Money Domme Linda TranI am insatiable. I am addicting. I am exactly what you NEED and CRAVE, and your only pleasure in life is tributing to My intoxicating power and beauty in hopes of My acknowledgment of your menial existence.

Your only purpose in life is to send Me more money than I can spend!